Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Super Mom

Dear sweet Postman,

Thank-you for calling me "super mom," as I pushed my over-sized double stroller into the small little post office. Miraculously, after nap time, and fresh diapers, shoes, and a half-mile walk to deliver two packages, we made it before 5 o'clock. And my babies are still smiling.

Of course you don't know that I left my front and back door unlocked.

Actually, I left the front door wide open.

Just, you know, lettin' the house air out. In broad daylight. When no one is home.

But when you called me "super mom" it just made my day.

Because I really don't feel like it most of the time. Most days I just try to do the next thing next, and not attempt anything too heroic.

I'm learning my limits, and how to have reasonable expectations for myself. It makes our home a happier place. My sister taught me that. (She's taught me a lot, actually.)

I'm almost two years into this mommy thing. I wish I could say it was getting easier, but actually, it's just getting harder.

Babies? Oh, yes. Sweet smelling, innocent, snuggly, sleepy, precious little babies. I understand those. The answer to all their problems: milk and snuggles. And I can do milk and snuggles, no problem!

Toddlers? Stubborn-ness. Deliberate disobedience. Temper tantrums. Impatience. Unkindness.

Those are nasty things, and it breaks my mother's heart to see them come from the child that was once my precious newborn.

We say Ralphie got a double dose of stubborn from each of his parents, which makes for one strong-willed little man. This will serve him well someday. But, his heart needs to be soft towards instruction and learning - towards us, but most importantly toward Jesus.

Teaching that to him consistently, day in and day out, is what makes this mothering job so tough.Yet, there is something wonderful about teaching truth, goodness and beauty to a nature so bent towards brokenness and sin. As exhausting, difficult, and all-consuming as it is, it is lovely.

Toddlers? They teach you something else, too. Love. Unconditional, uninhibited, fierce, unyielding love.

All the bad moments added up still don't even compare to all the love.

And they teach you joy. Because when you're nearly two years old the world has a million treasures to offer, and your heart is ready to burst with excitement. No matter how hard life was just two seconds ago. 

Today, we made it to the post office. And hopefully we'll make it home for dinner, baths, and bedtime stories. These are the good ol' days I want to soak up forever, brokenness and all. But, I'd be lying if I said anything good about today came from what I did. If motherhood has shown me anything it's this:

Truthfully, I am no super mom. I just serve a super God.  (My sister taught me that one, too.)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This face.
Greets me every morning with a smile and "crack-uh?" (cracker).

He is on the go from sun up to sun down. Exploring, destroying, discovering.
Except for the sweet 2-3 hours that are nap time.
He steals my tea.
and loves his friends fiercely. (And they love him)
 He is my helper, and still definitely a mama's boy.
And he eats, eats, eats.
A morning person through and through, this one. I found him this morning just lying in his crib, fist fully enveloped by a huge gum-less grin.
And he's kind of an afternoon and evening person too. Smiley Simon. He steals our hearts with every grin.
He looks just like his Uncle Nate, which is a pretty good look to have. ;)
His eyes dance. And change color daily.
He has the best dimples. ever.

These boys bring joy to life. Oh, it's hard. So hard. Motherhood stretches me in ways I never knew I could. It is the hardest job I'll ever love. Yet, whenever I find myself complaining, or wishing for ten more minutes of peace, or a full night's rest, I have to stop myself and remember: I prayed for this. These two. And for all the quiet in the world I wouldn't give them up.