Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This face.
Greets me every morning with a smile and "crack-uh?" (cracker).

He is on the go from sun up to sun down. Exploring, destroying, discovering.
Except for the sweet 2-3 hours that are nap time.
He steals my tea.
and loves his friends fiercely. (And they love him)
 He is my helper, and still definitely a mama's boy.
And he eats, eats, eats.
A morning person through and through, this one. I found him this morning just lying in his crib, fist fully enveloped by a huge gum-less grin.
And he's kind of an afternoon and evening person too. Smiley Simon. He steals our hearts with every grin.
He looks just like his Uncle Nate, which is a pretty good look to have. ;)
His eyes dance. And change color daily.
He has the best dimples. ever.

These boys bring joy to life. Oh, it's hard. So hard. Motherhood stretches me in ways I never knew I could. It is the hardest job I'll ever love. Yet, whenever I find myself complaining, or wishing for ten more minutes of peace, or a full night's rest, I have to stop myself and remember: I prayed for this. These two. And for all the quiet in the world I wouldn't give them up.

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