Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Football Fanatic Husband

He makes me laugh. And smile. And giggle.

He loves football. Sometimes he jokes he loves it second only to God... then he remembers he has a wife. ;-)

Football season is all new to me. My dad and brothers were and still are car guys (though some of my brothers are taking more interest in other sports, football included). If we ever watched sports, we watched the Olympics; if we ever went to a game, it was to an Indians game with the free tickets my grandma got us from work. V-8 engines, smooth stream lines, oversized tires, and going 0-200 in 3 seconds were more of the notes I heard sung. I didn't know what the Superbowl was until I was 16.

I'd never heard of Big Ben Roethelisberger (and I'm already sick of hearing about him), Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Tim Tebow. I only knew who Brett Favre was because of a ridiculous Jim Carey movie I happened to see years ago. I had no idea there are 24-7-365 talk shows to digest every play, every decision and every day in the lives of these men. Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd, and Doug Gottlieb can actually entertain me for a little while now. (Depending on the topic and player. ;-))

I didn't know any of this until I met my husband. Now, and especially for the next five months or so, I am learning more than I ever thought I'd want to know.

So tonight the Saints face the Vikings. This is a big deal because:

1. It's a rematch of the NFC championship game
2. Brett Favre is the QB for the Vikings
3. Drew Brees is the QB for the Saints
4. The above mentioned are two of the best in the league.
5. It's the first game of the season.
6. Plus, it's the only game on tonight.

While I made dinner this evening, I watched, amused, as my husband began carrying the television and antennae all around the house. He was trying to find a spot in our window-lacking home where he could get a clear reception. He finally came downstairs excitedly, but a little nervously, and announced that he found a spot-- in our room, on the floor, by the closet. He quickly promised he would always put it back downstairs when he was finished watching the games. (which basically means the tv will be in front of my closet Fri-Mon :))

I think it's cute. That's why I'm blogging about it. (Though I do not know why the hamper is on top of the night stand.)

Cheers to football! And all football lovers! And all the wives of football lovers! :-D

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