Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Sweet Little Neice

Daniel and I got to meet our sweet little niece, Savannah, for the first time last Friday. She's nearly five months old now, and so, so precious. Daniel was just tickled with her, and loved how we could already observe her own personality. He even learned to translate her cries a bit. He would sarcastically joke to the family, "Keep the baby away from Ashlee. She'll get ideas." but then as we would fall asleep at night he would sigh, "Savannah is just so cute. I can't wait til we have a baby, too."
She was such a good little girl all weekend-- Stayed on her schedule, let everyone hold her, and smiled lots and lots. We can't wait to see her again for Thanksgiving. Daniel's already planning on sneaking her pumpkin pie. ;-)

So sweet. <3

Uncle Danny loves his niece

Her Profile is just like Daniel's was when he was a baby.

Granddaddy holding his 3rd Great-grandchild

Big, wide eyes!

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  1. Daniel looks so natural with a baby in his arms :D He'll be a great daddy!
    O, and Savannah is adorable!