Thursday, April 28, 2011


This week has been Spring Break for Maura and Michael, so that's meant ten hour days for me, and lots of fun things to do! Yesterday we went to the YMCA and swam (indoor... though it's warm enough for outdoor, here). I don't have any pictures or anything really interesting, but Michael's little friend Jack came with us to the pool, and he was so funny. I thought I'd share what he said when he first started trying to swim after a dry winter. He wasn't the strongest swimmer, but made up for it with effort. I told him to kick his legs harder, and blow bubbles into the water when his face was under. He tried. Then stood up and exclaimed, "I just can't even breathe under there!"

The lifeguard and I chuckled a bit. :) No, buddy, you can't breathe underwater.

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