Monday, October 15, 2012


We've been enjoying fall the last week. Grandma came to visit, and we had loads of fun! Spent every day out side, and went searching for pumpkins. 

 I swear, Ralphie knows he turned 8 months, and has just taken off! Overnight he is sitting taller, and crawling faster. He's now using his knees a little more, and lifting his belly - he'll be a full-fledge crawler soon!

Aren't these two pictures just pitiful? This is what happened when he turned 'round and caught sight of me. He scooted his little self to me as quickly as he could. Silly baby, Mama can't hold you forever.

These next three pictures Ralphie was shouting and yelling, making us all laugh. Then he decided to slap Daniel's head, and pull his hair. His personality has exploded recently, and it is so fun to see his little person emerge.

 It's the Ralphie Swing!

Ralphie was so tickled by these piglets. He would only take his eyes off of them briefly to look up at us and smiling, to make sure we thought they were as cool as he did. Adorable.

Cider slushies and cinnamon cider donuts. O, man.

How tall this Fall? 

Thankful for a happy fall, a healthy boy, and fun memories with family!

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