Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memories Made

Life as a mother, I am discovering over and over, is full of so many sweet moments.

Can I even find words to describe the delight that fills my soul when I look at my own child? That little face that is too curious to smile in front of the camera these days.

Today we took a walk, like we do nearly every day, down to Glen Cairn. The leaves smiled, the sun glistened, the green grass welcomed us, and we sat down beneath a tree arrayed in all the splendor of autumn.

Isn't there just something delicious about that squishy baby chub?

Curiosity, discovery, wonder are all part of his life right now. What is it like to be mesmerized with one single object so completely that nothing can distract you? Before I was a mother, I did not know. While my baby spends hours exploring what realms of the world he can reach with his fingers, I spend hours fixated on his person. Totally, completely, entirely mesmerized.

The moments slip by far too quickly. Yet, with each memory made, the story of his life becomes more beautiful, and I know a little more how much I am blessed.

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