Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Festival

Saturday was a busy day for the Wellses. We spent it all in Charlotte. Up before 7, out the door just after 8, and a full day to follow.

We were part of Team Austin, for our lil neighbor in the annual Autism Walk

Here we are: Team Austin!

After the walk we headed back to our old church in Charlotte for their first Fall Festival. It was so wonderful to see familiar faces again! The festival was a huge success, which made the day even better.

Ralphie experienced the classic Little Tikes red car for the first time. I'm not even joking, these pictures are his response without even saying his name! To say he was ecstatic is almost an understatement.

Hill City's music team preforms incognito as the Perfect Melancholies at social events around town. They joined us at King's Cross so we could enjoy live music during the festivities. They're pretty cool.

How did you celebrate fall this year? We're as much in denial about winter coming as we were about fall. Is it just me, or did October vanish in a blink?

There may be even fewer updates here in the next coming weeks. We leave as a family on Monday for a 2 day marriage retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are so excited! We'll arrive home Wednesday evening, and I'll have just enough time to unpack, do laundry and repack, before Ralphie and I cross the Atlantic to visit some of our favorite-est people ever. We'll be playing with cousins, kissing a sweet newborn, and laughing and talking with Auntie and Uncle Peter for nearly three weeks! We are so very excited, though to say we'll "miss" our favorite man in the world...well, "miss" just isn't strong enough. 

Nevertheless, know that the lack of update here, means an over abundance of updates when we get home! 

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