Friday, November 30, 2012

Ralphie is 9 Months Old!

(A little late! Though I did take the picture in time, albeit rather hurriedly)

Seriously, Ralphie, nine months is so very big.

And you are living up to every minute of it.

You are sweet as sweet can be, most of the time. Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are.

And you really are. You smile at nearly everyone. You giggle so easily, and during your play time you can be heard singing long strings of syllables.

This last month has been busy for you. You have mastered the army crawl and think you are awesome. You are using your knees more, and have pulled yourself up on objects several times. But, you still seem pretty happy just army crawling!

You talk lots. You talk to yourself and to your toys. It's pretty adorable. You don't babble syllables though, you babble strings of vowels, like you are singing. I love it so much it often makes me stop whatever I am doing and just listen to you, and smile. Your happiness delights me.

And your sadness hurts me. This past month was the first time you have been sick. It wasn't any childhood illness or common cold, just a high fever for almost three days. Your body was fighting something, and fighting hard, because you never had any other symptoms. You were a little fussy, but mostly just silent and sleepy eyed. We nursed a lot. Breast milk is the best medicine. You were so sad looking. Daddy and I snuggled you almost all day for nearly three days. When the fever finally broke and you got back to your happy self it was a relief to us all!

Of course you have ups and downs. You are a little sinner in diapers and the older you get the more evident that becomes. We continue to teach you self control, joy, and patience, and it is teaching Daddy and I to be better people, too.

The older you get the more your personality explodes, as well, and it has been fun to see. You like attention, and flirt with people to get it. You remind me in so many ways of your daddy, and that is just one. You certainly have his people-pleasing abilities!

You are friendly - always have a smile for everyone. You are affectionate - ready for snuggles any time of day. You are a mama's boy.

You learned to wave this month, but don't do it all the time quite yet. Your daddy was the first person you waved to. He came home from work and you smiled at him and waved your little hand. It was precious.

You are a eighteen + pounds, long and lean, and your feet are B-I-G. But they have been big sine Day 1. You are in 6-9 or 9 months clothes, but have started just this week eating almost twice as much solid food, so I suspect you are going to start outgrowing out of them very soon.

As far as that food goes, you mostly just like to do it yourself. You like fruits best. Who doesn't? We finally got you a high chair this past month and you look so cute and grown up sitting there having your dinner with Daddy and me like a little person.

You are a little person. You are precious.

We love seeing who you are, and learning more about you every day. We love you so very much, and even more an last month.


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