Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Ralphie and I are over half way into our Scotland trip. What a trip it has been! The eight hour trans-Atlantic flight went better than anticipated, despite the tears that choked me as we made our way to the very last row of our plane, and made one last call to Daniel before take-off. Overall, it was long, wearisome, but went better than I had hoped.

Really, Ralphie was a flirt.

He smiled at every single person. He cooed and talked, and was overall adorable. Then, when the lights dimmed, the in-flight movie began, and everyone made themselves as comfortable as could be, he nursed til his eyelids drooped, and then snuggled onto my shoulder for sleep. He woke at landing, and continued the flirting right where he'd left off!

Such a blessing. I whispered thanks continually.

The adrenaline really kicked in when we landed in Edinburgh, and I could not shake the grin from my face. Baggage claim, bus to Ferrytoll, megabus to St. Andrews, cab to 2 Kinkell Terrace, and hugs all around.

This newest little one is as darling as they get.

We made several outings up into town, to the sea, and to church Sunday morning. Ralphie, Sebastian and I went grocery shopping one afternoon, and on another Ralphie and I went up to pick up a few household things. I love the walking!

Yes, it's cold. I rather miss the Southern sunshine, but even this blustery coldness is beautiful in its own way, and I love it for that. It's not fitting that the land of the highlands, Bronte novels, and John Knox should be filled with sunshine, anyway.

I miss my husband terribly. This trip would be complete were he here with us. The movie nights, and late night talks would be fuller with his companionship. We all wish he was here.

 Watching his cousins walk and crawl all around this house, has given my little man ideas. He has put twice the determination into everything he does. I wouldn't be surprised if he is crawling on his hands and knees before we leave for home, and furniture walking before Christmas.

 This beautiful family that we are with has been a blessing to observe and be a part of. They are full of love, in its truest form. I am filled with excitement when I think of what the Lord must hold for their future, and look forward with eager anticipation to see how abundantly he will continue to bless their obedience. <3

My sister is back on her feet and feeling more and more herself every day. This week is sure to be full of adventures!

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