Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

My government teacher drilled into my mind that we are not just celebrating the fourth day of July, but the day the United States declared their independence from England. Every July Fourth that goes by we continue to celebrate that freedom, and all the other freedoms we have earned and achieved as a nation. Freedom isn't free, and I'm thankful to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within my grasp. So Happy Independence Day y'all!

We headed North, which we seem to do a lot these days, for a weekend of fun with the family! Friday we relaxed, caught up on the latest Willeke happenings, and enjoyed roasted marshmallows until our eyes couldn't hold themselves open anymore. Dad and Mom rented a boat Saturday, which was a huge hit all around! We went up to East Lansing on Sunday to watch Noah race his go kart and celebrated Peter's birthday that evening. Monday we did more relaxing, played some Scrabble, walked around the neighborhood, and went to the Annual 4th of July Party in my parents' neighborhood.

waves + little girls = tears

we had such a blast tubing together! We laughed so hard our stomachs ached.

Swimming at Dollar Bay

soakin' up the sun


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