Friday, July 29, 2011

A Weekend Getaway to Florida

What a great idea, huh? We loved it. It was so great to visit family, even if our visit was short and sweet, and we (or rather Daniel) had to drive two nights until 3am.

We got in very early Saturday morning. After getting some shut eye we tried out the pool with our little niece Savannah, and Daniel decided to give Zoe a shot at swimming.

 Savannah loves the water. Zoe, not so much. She was pretty funny swimming as fast as she could around the pool looking for a way to get out. We got some video I'll try to put up soon.

Saturday evening some family friends came over for pizza. Savannah got to try pizza by the slice for the first time! She loved it, but it was easier on Mom to cut it up. :)

After church on Sunday, we had a quiet afternoon around the house. We took Zoe for a walk before the long car ride home and spotted a neat red-throated lizard.

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