Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mini Vacation

Before Ralphie and I left for Scotland, we spent three days as a family in Myrtle Beach.

All year long Daniel has been attending lectures on Church Planting through an organization called The Cypress Project. They pampered their couples by treating them all to a 3 day, 2-night get away in a beach side hotel. They pampered us with a 14th floor ocean-view room, with a king size bed and jacuzzi tub. We were greeted by a small gift basket with treats and $100 to spend on a "date night." To say this was a refreshing trip would be an understatement. We were so blessed by the seminars on marriage and parenting, and by the time spent together, away from distractions and work. It was the perfect way to spend our time before being separated for nearly 3 weeks.

Put him in the rocking chair and he spied his daddy sitting next to him. <3

Wednesday morning I got up just before sunset and sat out on our balcony to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. The next afternoon we flew across it. 

We skipped out on half the lecture Wednesday morning (shh! Don't tell!) and went to the aquarium instead. Fun, fun!

And then it was on the road home again. 
So thankful for these memories and this time we got to spend together.

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