Monday, December 10, 2012

Ralphie is 10 months old!

Double digits, man o, man.

My sweet boy,

Here we go! Your first year of life is just about completed.

What a joy you are. Your giggles and smiles are contagious. 

You have learned a lot this past month. Probably because you spent most of your 9th month trying to keep up with your cousins, Sebastian and Katharina. They taught you all sorts of fun things, like how to get up on your knees, pull yourself up on furniture, and bounce up and down when you are excited.

You are still army crawling like a champ, but will take time every once and awhile to get on your knees and rock. You just haven't figured out the coordination, but I know you will soon! You climb up on everything these days, and one of your new favorite activities is pulling Daddy's books off of the shelves. You don't understand gravity yet, though, and have no fears. Let's just say you have no choice but to be a tough little dude.

While you are starting to look a little more like me than you used to, your personality and expressions still remind us of your daddy. You are friendly and noisy. You make the strangest faces. And, you are every bit as stubborn as your daddy.

You like sticks and dirt and anything with wheels.

You are pretty little thing, despite your 100% boy-ness. Five times this month you have been called a girl!

We love you, handsome boy. Inside and out, upside and down, to the moon and back, and even more than last month.


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