Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We're all grown up and havin' babies...

...and boy, o, boy, is it FUN!

I wish I could write captions for each of these. Feel free to write your own in the comments! Taking a picture with 4 babies is hard enough - doing it with your camera on self-timer? Yeah.

Sebastian: Whoa, this camera is the funniest thing I've ever seen!
Katharina: I guess I'll just sit here. I wonder when they'll realize I'm not even in the picture?
Ralphie and Mama: Let's blink at the same time so we look like idiots together.
Angela: O, I'm just so happy to be a mother!

Ashlee and Angela: Let's smile and act crazy for the camera, even though the kids aren't even looking at us!
Philippa: Boy, I've never seen Auntie open her mouth so big...

Ralphie: These stupid amber beads are choking me again...
Katharina: Uhm, this is getting kind of scary guys...

Ralphie: Who do you think has a better deer in the headlights stare - me? Or Auntie?
Ashlee: Let's all shout like we're on The Wiggles!

Katharina: Really, guys, I don't like this one bit.
Ralphie: I solemnly swear I did not take one sip of Uncle's scotch.
Sebastian: I could just do this all day!
Auntie: Can you smile THIS big, children?

Ralphie: I may, perhaps, have inhaled some of that cigar, though.
Philippa: I just love my mama soooo much.

:-D :-D

Really, the fun never ends.

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