Sunday, February 10, 2013

Somebunny is One!

My obsession with Beatrix Potter has grown exponentially over the last near-eighteen months that I have been carrying and caring for this baby boy we call Ralphie. So, the theme for his 1st Birthday Party naturally fell into place. A little help from Pinterest and the creative juices started flowing!

Ralphie was all smiles and grins for his guests. He devoured his cake. Hand to cake - hand to mouth-hand to cake - hand to mouth - hand to cake - hand to mouth, for ten minutes straight. When he finally paused I took my chance and whisked that thing away before some sort of sugar-induce insomnia took over.

Celebrating his 1st Birthday on his official last day of being 11 months? Post-poned the waterfall of tears one more day. Today, I have been reminiscent of whirlwind of a day a whole year ago, and have tried again and again to wrap my head around the fact that before 2:09 pm February 10th 2012 he was a little 6+ pound bundle snuggled up tightly inside of me. I am trying to fathom how in one year things could change so much, and yet seem so normal. In one breath a whole year! and in another just a year? Hasn't he been here forever? 

There should be a word for every emotion. I can't think of one for this.

Today, Ralphie is 12 months old, and yesterday we celebrated!

My sweet friend Ashley, over at Joshua's Bride, took pictures for me, so I could just enjoy my sweet boy.

Cheers, little man. Cheers to being one! Daddy and I can't wait for this next year.

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