Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We love having visitors come to our little home, especially family. My mom and five youngest siblings came to spend their winter break from school down with us.

 Personality explosion, that's what this week was. Observing all the quirks and characteristics that have developed in these not-so-little kiddos was just plain f-u-n.

Anna about died when we finally found one of the famos Mice on Main that I had been telling her about all day. "O! o! o! His name is Coco. Look how cute!" She rubbed him all over as if he were fluffy and soft, instead of made of iron. We found three others: Madeline, Sparky, and Jean. Listening to her name them, made me smile and think of how I used to do the very same thing. 

- Reedy Falls Park, Greenville SC -
Daniel and I did some reminiscing of our special evening here, the weekend before he proposed.

Ralphie was the Little Engine that could, huffing and puffing his way to the top of this steep hill. Actually, there was no huffing and puffing involved. He took one look at the top, and was there lickity split. He got to the top and turned to go back down, felt the incline pull him, furrowed his brow, and began scooting backward. Then, Mimi came and helped him walk down and that put a smile on his face!

 Yeah, they're studs. They just might know it.

 My Love and me <3

We're so glad you visited, gang! Come back soon.

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