Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Time

Living 12 hours from family can be tough. While Daniel and I were happy to have a fresh start to our new life together on our own in a new state and city, with new everything, living long distance from family and friends that you grow up with isn't easy. That's why, every chance we get to visit either of our families, we are thankful.

At the beginning of the month Ralphie and I headed north, first to Ohio, then on to Michigan. We "man-ed the fort" with Ralphie's great-grandma Mare-mare, while my parents took a much needed, and well-deserved weekend getaway to Florida to help celebrate my grandfather's milestone birthday. Hangin' with the kids all weekend? Well, of course that was fun. We made some memories.

5 of the 9 - as of this fall, they'll be the "only" ones still at home.
I used to think we all were so different looking. I look at these pictures and laugh. Dang! 

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