Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Year Old Ralphie

Last week was perfect springtime for the Carolinas. Glencairn Gardens is in full bloom, and the sunny days just beckoned come enjoy us. Ralphie and I had just come home from our trip to Ohio and Michigan, and taking several days, in between loads of laundry, house cleaning, and photo editing to just relax seemed more than worth while.

This particular day is etched in my mind. It's one of those days I want to remember forever. Apple slices, PB&J, clementines and crackers. My smiley, wide-eyed boy sitting there, just looking at me. So happy to just be.

Just him, and me. 

 I love living so close to this little patch of paradise.

He soaks up, with this little quizzical brow, every bush, flower, and person we pass. He smiles with delight at the ducks and water fountains.  He smiles half smiles as I do stupid things to try to get him to grin for the camera. How big is Ralphie? That one he knows like the back of his hand.

Sooo Biiiig!
He's quiet and observant, but waves at anyone who says hi to him. Tossing a ball and crawling after it is a favorite pass time right now. Or, pushing his fire truck from one end of the house to the next, and back again. Best of all, take him outside. He will sit for an hour and watch the cars go by.

Still not walking, but getting close. Every chair was made for pushing, every box was made for climbing, and if he can find a box that needs emptied before climbing, that is even better. There isn't a cupboard in the house he hasn't discovered, a basket whose contents he doesn't know by heart. If Toy Story were true, and toys really could come to life and talk, they would probably say how slighted they felt, and the wooden spoons and measuring cups would toss their heads and laugh.
He is delightful this boy of mine, and every day with him I treasure. Every change, every milestone makes my mama's heart rejoice, even if first it twinges just a bit, and sighs thinking of days gone by. One year old Ralphie. He's just great.

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