Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good-bye April

Project 365: 196 Lunchtime picnic. Soaking up the days where it's just the two of us.
April is gone in a blink. Travels to see family, the blossoms of beautiful flowers, a covering of pollen everywhere, and little green worms by the thousands. Sunny days, and spring showers almost equally. 
Project 365:199 Pink Blossoms. Shadows.

I spent the larger part of this month battling allergies, and then a nasty sinus infection. It lingers still. But, friends and neighbors blessed us over and over. We are thankful.
Project 365: 184 We love us some baby boys.

This little Ralphie is growing before our eyes. 8 steps in a row is his record. Overly-excited attempts result in scraped knees, but he doesn't mind. He can't shake the ridiculous grin off of his face. We're pretty sure he's just as pleased with himself as we are with him.
Project 365: 193 Hoarding all his favorite blankets.
We took a Monday to buy some seeds and young plants to put in the $1 crates I bought on craigslist. Spinach, kale and mixed greens, parsley, cilantro, melons, tomatoes and cucumbers. Grow little plants, grow!
Project 365: 195 Monday project
May is sure to be full. Zoo going, friend seeing, outside playing, swimming, walking, and toughening up our fare skin for Florida sunshine at the end of the month. [To say I'm excited for this little mini vacation would be an understatement.] Summer is right around the corner!

Happy May, y'all!

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