Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 Days Left...

And I'm a bubble of excitement. I cannot believe how quickly the wedding has come!!

Our pre-engagement relationship/courtship/whatever-you-want-to-call-it lasted exactly 8 months. He proposed the on our 8 month anniversary. When June 5th gets here we will have been engaged for 313 days-- just over 10 months. We had a lot of friends and family members griping about such a long relationship before marriage-- 18 whole months and THEN a wedding!(... at least on my side of our guest list. There seems to be a movement toward shorter relationships, and quicker engagements, especially in home school circles.)

But a realization hit me about two weeks ago, and I continue to smile when I think of it: I had a whole eight months to call him "my boyfriend" and nothing else. I had a whole eight months to enjoy him, and only him, without talking about a wedding, and making plans for a home, insurance, a second car, monthly income, medical decisions and all the other reality that hits once engagement comes. Those eight months were beautiful.

Then I will have had 313 beautiful days to say "I am engaged." I've had the fun and excitement of counting down every single one of them, and having people groan, laugh out loud or sigh with delight when I number off the days left. I've had this pretty little ring on my finger, and just this pretty little ring. Nothing else. Do you know how small the number of women with just a diamond ring on their finger is? Most have a wedding band and a diamond, or nothing. We've had 10 wonderful months to plan a wedding, study and enjoy each other, and plan for our future together.

I would never wish for it to have all gone by more quickly. I already can't believe how fast time has flown.

Granted there were times where we said to each other, "What were we thinking? 10 months!?!" But actually those times only came two instances that I can clearly remember. The first was right after we were engaged. Early September came and we were sick with love. We talked about getting married over fall break in October. Then on January 2nd, after my sister's wedding. Then in March over spring break. The second time was in January and February when we had our longest separation ever. Usually our visits were about 4 weeks apart-- some happy times they were less, very few were they more. But when he left January 2nd, our next visit wasn't planned until March 14th- 10 long weeks away. I had counted on a surprise that never came. It was miserable. On top of an extended absence January Term was Daniel's busiest school month ever, with classes every day, all day Monday through Thursday, and studying and preparing for the next morning's lecture every morning for 3 long weeks. When regular classes started again he wasn't as busy, but scheduling took some time to work out. Then there were just so many nights we would finally get to talk and he would fall asleep from sheer exhaustion. I cried myself to sleep several times during those two months, and missed him like I never had before.

Yet those times passed, and here we are. Our home is nearly ready. Our wedding bands are sitting in their respectable boxes, waiting to be opened. My dress is nearly ready. His suit, vest and tie (I hope) are hanging neatly pressed on his closet door. All the arrangements are made for the week of the wedding. The final touches are being made.We're just waiting!

I never expected to get married young. I thought for sure I'd be in my early twenties at least. Getting married young was my sister's dream. He came much sooner than I expected-- all the fretting and nervous prayers I'd cry as a restless young girl make me smile and shake my head now. If only I had known how quickly it would come.

Similar thoughts fill my mind when the surreal emotion overcomes me: I am getting married in ten days!!!! It seemed so far away. And I shake my head and sigh. If only I had known how quickly it would come.

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  1. Amen to this! I love having had so much time pre-engagement to just enjoy my best friend/boyfriend. At times I almost wish we had *more* time to enjoy that innocence and simplicity. We only really dated for about a year before getting engaged, and I can't IMAGINE having taken it any faster. I hate the trend you talked about of short relationships and engagements--marriage is a life long thing, not a whim. If you're not going to invest a year in it, why think you can be patient and serious the rest of your life?

    Also--it does come faster than you'd ever think it would! A year long engagement is in the double digits of days on my countdown now. I can't imagine how exciting it must be to be LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY! Congrats. Can't wait till it's MY turn. ;)