Monday, May 31, 2010

Please Note...

there is a difference between STRESS and being OVERWHELMED.

For example, synonyms of STRESS include: trouble, anxiety, TENSION, worry or strain

                                                             synonyms of OVERWHELM, however, are things like: submerge, engulf,      flOOd, bury, or my personal favorite, "steamroller."

(do not ask me how steamroller, an obvious noun,
is a synonym for the verb overwhelm, 
but I like to think Webster knows what he is talking about)

Right now, my to-do-before-I-do list is rather long. It's so long I finally broke it up in the remaining 4 (!!!!!!) days left before the wedding. I am engulfed, burried, flooded, submerged, &etc by a list of things to do, but the tension and worry that I would be feeling if I were stressed is not present. I AM EXCITED!

synonyms of excited include:
exhilarated, THRILLED, enlivened, 
enraptured, psyched, ELECTRIFIED
or simply enthusiastic
Other informal phrases include: "As high as a kite," and "fired up"

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