Friday, May 7, 2010

Forever, ever after

So some things are just happy by nature. Bubbles, silly putty, a cup of hot tea, carriages, candles, berries, clouds, sunshine, dandelions, puppies, and babies, of course. I love happy things, so naturally I included some of my favorites in the wedding.

Bubbles for the send-off: the best for pictures, and they pop when touched so you don't have little scratches from bird seed on your arms and neck. :)

When I said I wanted a horse drawn carriage my fiance, mother and most of my brothers all groaned. But I remain ecstatic about this idea, and the pictures and memories it will create. I was hoping to get Friesians, the most beautiful horse ever bred, but the only Friesian stable around this area was already booked for my date in the opposite direction of my wedding-- there was no way they could do both. :-/ But, I'm satisfied with the white Percherons I found.

I think cupcakes are the best wedding trend ever right now. Who wouldn't want to eat one of those??

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