Friday, June 25, 2010

Check out our diggz

After two weeks of being home, I am pleased to say everything is finally put away (about). There are still some rough spots, but more or less, everything has a place and that makes me a very happy wife. :)

My grandma wanted to see pictures of our house, so this post is primarily for her. But since all the rest of you might want to know, too, here tis. :)

Guest Bedroom/ Office

Our Bedroom


Family Room

So, it's still kind of plain right now, but since we're only permitted to paint if we paint everything back to white when we move out, it'll have to work for the time being. It's cozy, and we have plenty of space. :) I'm thankful that it feels like a house, and not an apartment.
Strangely enough my favorite room is the full bathroom. Mostly because of the gorgeous shower curtain I have! I was finally able to find another valence at Goodwill for $1 to cut in half and sew on each side of the Pier One curtain I already had. Eventually, I want the bathroom to look all Indian (as in India the country) with rich jade tones and lots of gold and bronze. If I could, I'd paint the walls deep purple. For now, it matches the rest of the house... :)

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