Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Post about Nothing

I think I'm blogging just to blog. Because if I wait for something important, this blog will die like my last one did, and I don't really want that, because in the event that something exciting does happen, it's always fun to share it with the world (however small my blogger world is :-P).

Via the last post we are essentially moved in. That means that every box is unpacked, and nearly everything has a spot... except that pile of books and papers that clutter up the kitchen table every day, and the stack of about 50 books that is sitting in the corner of our bedroom. But nevertheless, it feels like a home.

It is not the same as the home I used to know. It cannot even be compared. I am happy here, but I do miss my old home, too.

In trying to get into the swing of life, and find things to do and enjoy together we've started reading through C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. We plowed through the Magician's Nephew in about a week, and are making our way through the classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe now. We're also going through the Trinity Psalter in the hopes that Daniel can somehow teach me how to use my singing voice... **Sigh** There may be some improvement, but it is very little. :) We also started watching Lost the television series on Hulu almost every evening (OK. So, we're 5 episodes and 2 days into... I'm rather hooked.)

Daniel stays busy with working in the RTS library about 15-20 hours a week, and his internship at the church has him teaching Wednesday Bible study all through July, as well as preaching this coming Sunday, and teaching Sunday school. He has a summer student he'll be tutoring for a couple weeks, and is preparing for American Government and Rhetoric in the Fall.

I'm learning my way around Charlotte a lot more quickly than I thought I would. I used up my afternoon yesterday and my morning today driving around town and dropping off resumes at any preschool/daycare/learning center I passed. For now we're just waiting to hear back from the dozens of people I've contacted.

I'm also trying to organize my days during the weeks, so that I can have a more settled schedule. I made up a meal plan list, and have been sticking to that during the week-meatloaf Monday, pasta salad Tuesday, Chicken Caesar salad Wednesday, etc. (Something my mommy taught me. :)) It's been really helpful, and saved us lots of $$ at the grocery store. Monday is baking/cooking, Wednesday is laundry day, Thursday is cleaning, for now. It is so weird not to have laundry to do every day, and even this morning when I sorted it, I felt like we could have gone another week and been fine with what we had, so I combined some clothes and did two loads. Two loads. Mom, can you imagine?? I still don't like cleaning the bathrooms, though. Ick. When Angela and I were little we used to make deals: I would come to her house and do her laundry if she came to mine and did my bathrooms. If we lived closer I would certainly take her up on that offer now. :)

Friday we're driving down to Greenville to meet up with the Best Man, Joe and his girlfriend, and then staying up until the wee hours of the night to await Angela and Peter's arrival, for a fun-filled Independence Day weekend. Pictures to come!


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