Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sneak Peak at Wedding Photos

Our professional wedding photos are almost ready, and in anticipation, our photographer posted a short preview for our enjoyment. Of course you all can enjoy too!

We had two photographers for the wedding, which was literally a double blessing. I had always hoped for two, but with our budget knew it was going to be next to impossible. Mary Kathryn, our professional photographer, came up when I was at my wit's end. We needed to make a decision by the end of the week. It was Wednesday, I was stressed out, upset, and pretty close to what Anne Shirley would call, "The depths of despair."

If you're thinking, "Good grief, it's only wedding pictures," then you, dear reader, will relate perfectly with my fiance at that time. It was just a photographer. It couldn't be that complicated.

It was not just a photographer. This is the person who is going to attempt to capture the best and most beautiful memories of the most wonderful day of two people's lives, so that in years to come their children can look, imagine, and relish the joy, excitement and wonder of what happened on that day all those years ago, before anyone even knew they would exist.

I wanted our wedding pictures to be timeless.

Daniel had no idea what "timeless" meant. So I explained.

The memories we have of our wedding day will stay in our minds for as long as we live. They are still fresh today-- I hope they will still be fresh in another month, and another, and in twelve, and even in 600 (fifty years). But not everyone could be there to celebrate with us. Sickness kept many people away. Distance was a factor as well, since Daniel isn't from Ohio. And someday we'll have our own children, and they'll have children, and we'll have new friends who will, on occasion, want to know what our special day was like. Words are great, but sometimes words just can't explain. And everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words.... that is, a good picture. Timeless photos are those words in picture form, preserved in such a way, captured in such a way, that when a person looks at them  the emotion of the day lives through the picture.

Timeless. It's beautiful. But we weren't willing to pay an arm and a leg (and some even wanted more!) for it.

I was just about to settled for a so-so photographer for an "ok" price when Mary's blog came to my mind. I'd seen it months before, when someone else showed me her work. I emailed her, and within 2 days, she wrote me back with a package deal that was LESS than our budget allowed. Happy, happy day. I was walking on air.

Then, just a week before the wedding we had the opportunity for another photographer. She needed wedding experience, and wanted to "practice" on ours. Her photography is one-of-a-kind. Somehow she captures those Kodak moments in every shot. I was confident she would do an excellent job, and was so glad she could help capture some moments of the wedding day (and the day before!).

So, all that said, sometime next week I'll be posting some for of the pictures on here for anyone who is interested. :)


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