Saturday, July 24, 2010

Since I left home...

my little sisters have found a dozen or more ways to make me miss them even more. I makes me smile, love them more... and wrenches my heart.

Not long after we moved in down here, Mom took the kids to Lake Erie for the day. The girls especially relished the beach. When I talked to Anna about it the next day she said, "Will you come over and take me to the beach?" Then she caught herself, "O, you live far away now.... will you come see me soon?"

A couple of days ago just a bit before dinner Anna said she was so hungry, and she wanted to eat now. Angela and Peter were on their way, Nick and Noah were due home any minute, and Mom told her, "Not til everyone gets here. Everyone is coming over! Won't that be fun!?" So she waited. Everyone would be fun. Then "everyone" got there, they sat down to eat, but Anna was concerned: "Wait a minute. Where are Daniel and Ashlee? You said everyone was coming!"

Then there was Aliza one day randomly, "I want to see that Ashlee Wells." (They usually call me "Ashlee Wells" now)

One of the most difficult ones to hear was from Anna, who said to Mom one day, "I wish Ashlee Wells was still Ashlee Willeke. She was my best friend."

Then today my mom informed me that five year old Aliza found copies of my senior pictures around the house, and was kissing each one. Then she gently picked them all up and laid them safely where she found them saying, "Good-bye Ashlee."

So why post all this? Just to make you cry? I promise it's not.

I didn't think my little sisters could be more special to me than they were before the wedding, and suddenly they are. Little children grow so fast, change so quickly. Already, Aliza has blossomed from a toddler to a little girl, and Anna has grown up even faster-- since when do 3-year-olds know last names and speak in total rational, complete sentences?? I missed those changes and it makes me ache, but it reminds me that I can't hold on to anything forever.

They are coming to visit in two weeks-- just the two of them! And I am already having so much fun planning out our days and the special activities we are going to do. It will be a wonderful reunion!

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