Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Pictures!

I could not possibly post every single one, and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to. So the following are my favorites. (For anyone interested in seeing more, you'll just have to check out Facebook.)

 My Maids and me <3 They were the best ever! (and still are)

My precious flower girls. (L to R) Emiliee, Anna, Aliza, Olivia

Our rings. Daniel's is white titanium. Mine is white gold with diamonds (of course) and sapphire.

Owen. The world's cutest ring bearer

This does not do his face justice... it was just perfect. Still gives me butterflies.


 So, that's really not even a fraction of my favorites but it will have to do! :)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    Andersen looks so cute in the one of the girls with the candy sticks, and Ruby cracks me up in the group photo by the pillars. What was she thinking?!? Lol. :) Anna looks so funny too in the one of the flowergirls/ringbearer. Mary did such a fabulous job!!