Saturday, July 31, 2010

Books, books and more books.

It was once said, "A room without books is like a house without windows," and I do agree whole heartedly. However, most of you know one very tender issue in the Wells household is books. Daniel's books. Just a couple days after moving in, I began to rearrange the shelves, moving them to different rooms and different places, and then I began rearranging the books to make them appear the most asthetically pleasing on the shelf-- but I was careful to keep the categories neatly separated, and was certain I didn't disorganize anything....

well, turns out I did. The clutter of organization I saw turned out to be a orderly system in my philosopher's mind, and I had now turned his system upside down. Sad day.

We did get it worked out, finally. He was even kind enough to box up 50 "extra" books so that I could have a little more room to decorate (although some might argue that the top of a book shelf isn't for books anyway).

Even still, every once and awhile I will suggest filling another box, and he will consistently groan and say he just can't do that. It's taken me these several weeks to realize why. It hit me this morning while I was straightening our room and came across this pile of books:

This was his reading list for this week. 15 books. When I asked him to put away the ones he had finished only 4 were left.

At that rate I guess the 3,000 books that are out on shelves will need to be kept there, because in 52 weeks he'll go through quite a bunch of them.

I was going to take a picture of my reading list for this week... but it wasn't even worth the effort. :-P

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