Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodwill Finds

Friday was fun. I set out to change my name with Social Security and was pleasantly surprised to discover the first (and perhaps only) pleasantly-run government agency I've ever seen. Changing my name was easy! :)

While mapquesting the SSA, I discovered a Goodwill store only 3 miles away, and of course, had to make that fit into my schedule (which isn't much, these days... another story). I had a ball, and found a handful of treasures for the house. I tried to keep in mind color schemes, and made certain everything I bought I would be able to find a place and a use for. 


 Tissue box cover- .99 cents  *  matching dark wood candle stick holders - $4  *  flowers in tin pot - $3  *  lamp (minus shade) - $4  *  candle - .99 cents  *  Black book end - .99 cents  *  red basket - $2  *  wooden shelf - $4

 I'm very excited about the shelf, which I've already re-painted black... maybe I should have stained it. (Beginning to wish I would have-- but don't leave any comments about that. It's already done, and I'm not risking lead intoxication by scraping it all off.) Of course hanging a shelf this big and this heavy is going to be no easy task, and needless to say my husband and I aren't very educated on the ways of home maintenance and such. But we're going to figure it out, with a little help from Google and Dad.

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