Monday, October 25, 2010

4 days and 4 nights without my husband

O, my, o, my, o, my. I was not exactly ready for that. Thank goodness for girl friends, good movies and a busy schedule or I may have cried myself to sleep every night!

He's home now.

I got to wait anxiously in the airport late this morning with a brightly doodled-on piece of paper that said, "I love Daniel" in pretty, bold colors. It was worth ever minute I spent covering the page to have him roll his eyes at me and ask if I would throw it away. I embarrassed him! Ooops. ;-)

I didn't think he could look any handsomer. But he did.

I've realized in the last (almost) five months (can you believe it's almost been five months?) what the Lord meant when he made Adam "a companion suitable unto him."

In every way my husband and I are perfectly suited to and for each other. We balance each other out, we settle one another down, we stretch and strengthen one another. We love the other like no one else knows how. We can talk more sincerely, more deeply than I ever thought possible. We can open up our hearts, share our struggles, cry in each others arms and never feel condemned or embarrassed. We are one.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I'm so glad my honey's home.

p.s. my computer still isn't working, so it may be awhile before any pictures are up.

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