Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been suffering from baby-syndrome pretty badly, lately. I want to rock them to sleep at night, singing our favorite hymns and melodies. I want something small to cuddle in my arms, and hold close to my chest-- all day long. I want the cute, gumless grins that make you smile down to your toes; and the happy, bubbly sounds that are better than music. I want to look at a baby and see my husbands eyes, and my mouth and know he is ours. I want a chubby little girl in a pretty white dress, with huge brown eyes, a face covered in freckles, and of course, a head full of curly red hair. And I want a gurgling baby boy with pretty blue eyes, and a fuzzy nearly-bald head. I want to see their daddy scoop them up and cover them in raspberries, and toss them up high, high and higher.

Of course, multiply that all by five and I'd be even happier. And crazier.... But happier.

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  1. You and I both sister! (Minus the red curls and big brown eyes ;)). Someday, someday. It's hard to be content in the now sometimes, isn't it? Love you.