Monday, December 13, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree

Saturday morning we slept in way late, had homemade waffles, fresh blueberries and oranges. We watched a movie in bed, and simply enjoyed a lazy morning. But! Then we headed out and bought our Christmas tree!

I don't think I've ever bought a Christmas tree in 55 degree weather before, but there is a first time for everything. As far as the weather goes, it has been getting cooler, and even cold the past couple of weeks. Every night it's below freezing, and several days last week it was in the high twenties. No snow yet, though. We'll probably get our inch in January, and the whole city will shut down for 2 days.

I wanted to get a locally grown tree, to support the local farmers, and because I think they're just healthier in the long run. (Two Christmases my family got a tree from Home Depot and it was dead in a couple of weeks.)

I laughed when I read the sign more closely. Charlotte is so not hillbilly territory.

We had already decided we wanted a short, small Christmas tree. We don't have a lot of space for anything else in our apartment, and we didn't want to put a lot of money into anything, especially since we'll be visiting family on Christmas day anyway. This little thing was the first one we saw: it was love at first sight. (My husband would give me a look if he knew I was equating our Christmas tree with love) But it looked so cute in the back of our Hyundai, and Daniel even had fun carrying it into the house. :)

I must confess I did most of the decorating. He helped put the lights on, and then lost interest. We're trying to keep things simple and cheap this year, so I only bought a package of bulbs from the dollar section at Target, and strung some popcorn. Someday I want a big, gorgeous tree with red ribbon and bulbs and a shining star on top. For this year, I am more than delighted with our little tree.

Daniel's parents gave us this ornament last year for Christmas
Simple, traditional stockings.

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  1. OOh It's adorable!! Ilike the stockings, too. Good choice :)