Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is over already. Some years it seems like I wait forever and ever for Christmas to come. This year, I feel like it was here before I had hardly waited at all. Nevertheless, Christmas week was special and fun. I've had a blast with my kids, since they've been out of school since the 20th. We built gingerbread houses, went ice skating, watched cartoons (the real ones, like Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop) and the family even had Daniel and I over for dinner one evening. I'll blog about them later, but I am so glad to have such a wonderful family to work with this year.

Tuesday we went to a live nativity with Michael, Maura and their parents, and then came home and watched The Nativity. I love watching that movie, because it realizes the humanity of Christ. It was a good reminder as we prepared for our holiday.

Thursday was our designated "Christmas" day. I woke up and couldn't wait for the end of the day to come, so we could open our presents and enjoy an evening together. After work was done, the house was clean, and the packing finished I lit some candles, spread a blanket on the family room floor, and we nestled down to open our presents.

Stuffed stockings were our first and favorite part!

300+ page encyclopedia to help us solve all the mysteries
He wanted a scarf for Christmas

Most men drink beer in frosted mugs, my man uses his for milk :)
Daniel surprised me with an ESV study Bible-- "So you don't have to ask me so many questions anymore." Psh, yeah right. :)
Tim Keller -- Yes!
Friday morning we got out of the house by 6:00AM, and had a non-stop flight up to Michigan. Before 11:00AM I was covered in hugs and kisses. It was so wonderful to see my family again, after four whole months apart. The little girls have matured so much, and all the boys are growing up. Sunday my mom's mom and her husband, Paul arrived, as well-- and we haven't seen them since the wedding, so the whole weekend was a great reunion!

Making a gingerbread village Friday afternoon

Aliza and Anna working on a puzzle with Danny
pretty girl <3
"Here, let me hold my baby sister."

Christmas Eve my parents hosted a Christmas Eve party for their neighborhood friends. It was quiet a success. The last of the guests left way after bedtime, and by the time we got the house cleaned up we were all more than ready to fall into bed. Aliza, who was my sleeping buddy before the wedding, was so excited to go to bed with me again, and refused to be tucked in by anyone else -- despite drooping, heavy eyes. She snuggled into a nook in the kitchen while I washed dishes, and tried her best to stay awake.

Aliza and I snuggled into a twin bed, with our pillowpets under our heads and fell fast asleep. Around 8AM we both started to stir, and then Aliza sat straight up in bed, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" I scooped her up and we ran downstairs to a lit Christmas tree, and smiling parents.

With the scent of hot cinnamon rolls filling the house it didn't take long for the rest of the group to wake up and gather 'round the tree. Then, we began the process of opening presents-- which takes quite a while in our house!

Christmas Morning
The last little detail of our weekend is Angela and Peter's Loxley. Half rottweiler, half coon dog, he is quiet the character. We all love him. 


  1. :D LOVE this post! Those pictures of 'Liza and Nick are precious. . .

  2. I love your Christmas tree! And all the pictures; you guys look so happy :D