Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

I'm torn between two internet social worlds here. On the one hand I have this blog, which I like to record all the doings and sayings of our life; on the other I have Facebook, which is a record of my doings and all of my friends and acquaintances too. I put pictures up there and I don't feel like putting them up here. But if I ever deactivate my Facebook account, I think it'd be nice for this little blog to have the record of our Thanksgiving weekend. So, here tis. In pictures, mostly. :)

Our Thanksgiving Feast
Peas with pancetta, cranberry jello, baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn
Rebecca and Nathan are both excellent cooks. Our meal was certainly Thanksgiving dinner, but it had a unique flair. We also discovered the secret to a perfectly moist turkey: Bake him upside down! :)

Red-headed siblings :)

at the Alamo
Friday afternoon Daniel and I got to babysit our niece. We took her for a walk, played with her, gave her lunch and put her down for her nap, so Mommy and Daddy could get some Christmas shopping done.
That evening we four adults left Savannah with a sitter and went out to Nathan and Rebecca's favorite Mexican restaurant. We had authentic chicken fajitas, fresh (spicy) salsa and the best guac I've ever tasted. Then we headed to the San Antonio River Walk where we watched the river boat parade, saw the lighted Christmas tree, and the Alamo. I thought about Davy Crocket-- a favorite with several of my brothers for quite awhile. I liked it too-- and even learned his theme song on the piano. :-P

Saturday we visited the little town of Gruene (say Green), where antique shops abound and all the men wear cowboy hats and over-sized belt buckles.

Bundlin' up for a day out
tryin' to pull-off the country look

Some of the shops weren't very man-friendly. So the guys chilled outside, using Savannah as their excuse. :)
Rebecca, Nathan and Savannah
I only like roasted marshmallows, but this sign made me happy.

On the way home we stopped at a cute little cupcake shop. Rebecca and Nathan got the S'mores cupcake, we got the Peppermint one.

Overall, it was a great trip! We got to spend lots of time all together, visiting and just relaxing.

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