Sunday, August 7, 2011

9 Weeks

Wednesday we had our first midwife appointment. I felt so sick that morning and early afternoon that I was honestly wondering if I would even make it. I got a spurt of energy and almost non-queasiness to get me there, though. Daniel went with me. We got to meet one of the four midwifes at the local practice here in Charlotte. Her name was Hallie and I loved her. We will actually circulate through the four midwifes at this practice so that we get to know all of them, and whoever is available when Baby decides to show will deliver.

Hallie took some time to get to know us, answered our questions and gave us information of how the practice works, options for  birthing, and what the birthing room at the hospital looks like. It was all beyond my expectations and I left very excited!

My mom had home births for babies eight and nine, and she had had such a positive experience that I never thought of doing much else. But, I found out before I got pregnant, that home birthing in  North Carolina is actual illegal. Out went that idea, and I had to search for other options. We had a beautiful birthing center just over the border (26 minutes) that looked promising, but insurance coverage didn't work there, so we opted for a nurse midwife at the hospital.

Turns out this is just as good as the birthing center! I'm so excited to not have to be confined to a bed during labor, or have to deal with IV tubes. The Birthing Room at the hospital is a large, comfortable room with all sorts of fun birthing supplies!

Anyway... did anyone even want to know all that?? :)

Pregnancy Update:
How far along?: 9 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: still nothing
Maternity clothes? : not yet
Stretch marks?: nope 
Sleep: OK. Love naps, especially since I'm on vacation this week.
Best moment this week: First midwife appointment! 
Movement: no
Cravings: most things don't taste good a second time around.
Gender Predictions: No predictions. We'd still like a lil boy, though. :)
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? In. Duh. 
(we'll celebrate if it goes out, K?)
What I miss: there have been days where the sickness has really gotten to me, but I try to keep in mind that sick mama means healthy baby. Needless to say, I miss being able to clean the whole house in one day, and make dinner without wanting to puke.
What I am looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at our next appointment!
Weekly Wisdom: Sea Bands have really helped me with on-the-road nausea. If only I could remember to wear them all the time!
Milestones: First midwife appointment
Other: Started looking into strollers and cloth diapers and crib bedding a little. So fun!
O, and I was thinking. You know how after the baby is born sweet people from church bring meals over so that the new mama doesn't have to cook? I was thinking maybe churches should start doing that for 1st trimester mamas, too - so their husbands don't starve, you know? ;)


  1. lol! It's so true that cravings don't taste either as good, or good at all, the second time! I haven't had any consistent cravings (well, except those cherries, ice cream and bananas I was telling you about ;)).

  2. oh Ashlee. how sweet. I am so happy for you and Daniel.