Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Golden Birthday

When I was about ten I discovered what a "golden birthday" was and thought I would never get to mine, since I'd have to wait til I was 27. When one is ten, twenty-seven is old. But my husband just celebrated his golden birthday on the 26th of August, and it has made me think - I must be getting older too!

Birthdays are so much fun. Especially when your twenty-six-year-old treats his birthday like he's still six. He basked in his glory all day long. I loved it. :)

He started his day opening his birthday package from his mom. Low and behold, the highlight of the package, the un-buyable CM Punk t-shirt! He was like a kid in a candy shop, and had it on within five minutes.

I snuck out after breakfast to "do some errands" and a friend of ours, Carolyn, met me at the church to organize and clean Daniel's office for a birthday present. I knew it was something he wanted done, but had yet to find time to do it - plus, that kind of things is exactly what I love! Carolyn came to help, since I knew my pregnant body would run out of steam fast. We got a little carried away though, when Car suggested we get a life-sized picture of Tim Keller for Daniel's desk....

Life-sized was hardly an option, so we opted for 8 1/2 x 11 and decided to print all of the most influential pastor/teachers in Daniel's life today. (We missed a few... Daniel informed us later, so if the collection gets bigger, we'll update.)

Top: Paul Patrick, his campus minister, and one of the pastors who married us. Shaped his theology and strengthened his faith. Taught him how to preach.
 Middle: John Wingard, his college philosophy prof whose "counsel is second to God." Tim Keller,  taught him about Christ-centered preaching and living, and gave him a love for cities. Nathan Frazier, his current boss, teaching him how to deal graciously with (very) difficult people.
Bottom: Mark Driscoll - no, he's not trying to choke anyone - Daniel loves him for his practical ministry advice and go-getter attitude.
After work, we celebrated the evening. Daniel opened a pair of new jeans, and we enjoyed an appetizer of Oreo Mint Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen. Only the best!

two candles, six candles, and a golden candle for future blessings

Before heading to Daniel's favorite restaurant for dinner we swung by the church so I could reveal his other present to the very confused birthday boy. :)

The reaction was worth it! His first gasp of, "O!" meant he was pleased by his clean office, but the peal of laughter and groaning that followed were obvious indicators that the photos on his desk completely shocked him. He was speechless for several moments... unsure if he was pleased or embarrassed. He just kept rubbing his head and laughing, and then groaning and laughing again.

His final conclusion, "You definitely need to put a picture on Facebook, and tag all those guys in it... I am such a weirdo. Evan and Will are going to tease me forever because of this..." :-P

The desk was the highlight, but we also organized his bookshelves, bought some space savers and basic office supplies to make his office more usable, as well as a couple of pictures, to make it more homey.

By time we got downtown to Wild Wings Cafe we were both starving, despite the ice cream cake. Buffalo wings and potato skins did the trick. Why be healthy on your birthday, right?

Finally, Daniel opened his last present, from an unexpected giver. ;)

Charlotte was beautiful last night. The sky was a panorama of clouds, and the light from a setting sun and the city glare made a breath-taking drive into downtown.

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