Monday, November 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 23 Weeks

A day late, but here it is. :) We've made it to 23 weeks!

I think that both of these "bump" pictures make the bump look much rounder than it appears "in real life." People I see everyday have yet to comment on it, and I've had no strangers say anything yet. Needless to say, this bump is growing! Remember week 15 where I was wondering where it was? :)

 How far along?: 23 weeks! Only 119 days til the Due Date!
Total Weight Gain: about 8lbs 
Maternity clothes? The Bellaband is just not making the cut anymore. I bought two pairs of maternity pants this weekend. So comfy! Most tops I can still get away with, but I'm beginning to feel "awkward" in normal clothes because I am obviously "larger" without a distinctive pregnant look. 
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: Pretty good. Crazy dreams again. Funny story: One night I dreamt Daniel growled in my face, and I woke up and screamed. He then leaned over me, just as he had done in the dream and asked what was wrong. I covered my face and said, "Why would you growl at me?!" He was rather confused. "You growled in my face. I heard you!" Needless to say, he didn't even remember anything in the morning, when I was laughing about myself.
Best moment this week: Daniel felt Baby kick for the first time this past Wednesday. It was really sweet. He didn't want to press too hard on my belly in case he would hurt Baby. And after a bit when he didn't feel anything he said we shouldn't bother the baby incase he/she is sleeping. :) Concerned Daddy already.
Movement: I usually feel a little bit of something everyday. Especially mid afternoon and late evening.
Cravings: Nothing has changed here in 3 weeks. I could eat a whole meal and be starving again in an hour. Sometimes, even if I'm not starving, I have this intense desire just to eat. Ha! Been trying to balance that by exercising regularly and choosing my calories wisely.
Gender Predictions: Most days a boy... or a girl. I really don't know! I want both. :)
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? Ooo! Exciting news here! My belly button is "half popped." I am very excited. It's like a miracle, considering my belly button is as deep as the grand canyon. ;)
What I miss: To be totally honest... lately this new body has been getting to me. A thought that immediately follows that is, "I want to work out hard." Then, I know I can't. Never thought I'd miss those things...
What I am looking forward to: Everything?!? :-D
Weekly Wisdom: Have patience... with your bump that doesn't want to grow, with your tired-ness, with your hormones, with all the people who have two-cents to give... just have patience. :)
Milestones: Daniel feeling the baby move, really needing to wear maternity pants.

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