Friday, November 4, 2011

Remembering a Father Well-Loved

Today marks one year since the passing of Daniel's father. It's crept up on us quickly, sometimes. Other times the passing days and weeks without him seem to tread on slowly, with every moment bringing bittersweet memories to mind.

Daniel's mom wrote a brief summary about Ralph that was included in the programs at his funeral. She talked about all the things in life he loved, and accomplished, how much he loved his family and friends, and ended with this: "Ralph had a large personality and was generous and loving to everyone in his life. He was well-loved in return and will be greatly missed."

Though in many ways I was just getting to know my father-in-law, that much was evident to me in the few short years that I knew him. He had a big personality, and was always generous and loving.

Daniel loves to tell me all the special things his dad would do for him and his sister Rebecca on birthdays and at Christmas - especially going to great lengths to buy or find that "perfect gift." Daniel said, "The story of how Dad got the gift was always the best part of getting it."

There are many memories to reflect on and smile about, and it's a blessing that the bitterness of death is made a little sweet by the goodness of a life well-lived.