Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Decorating

Sure, I'm way behind, but clearance sales don't usually happen until they bring out the new stuff. So, while everyone is busy preparing for Christmas [yikes! Seriously, people?] I headed over to Michael's and picked up some odds and ends to make our house a little homier during the fall season. I've been "collecting" for a couple of weeks now, but it all finally came together this past weekend. At least, I decided I'd better stop for this year.

A combination of pregnancy hormones and changing mindsets have made me more willing to make this little townhouse a home. Sure, I want to "nest" because my hormones are doing crazy things, and just like every other expecting female in the animal kingdom I'm trying to get my world in order before this little creature arrives. But, both Daniel and I have also (hormones aside) begun to feel very settled in Charlotte in the last several months. Though we may not be at this particular address when our lease is up, it's looking more and more like this city will be home for the next several years. That makes me want to dig in and plant myself firmly! 

Therefore: I buy fall decorations. [Ha!]

Maybe I should make this post more profound than a reel of random, object-only pictures? Nah.

The first fall essentials were pansies and pumpkins. I bought some mums (on time, too!) and they promptly died. Pansies, ironically, are turning out to be a lot heartier than those mums. Can you guess why there are three pumpkins?? 

Then, I wanted to change out the flowers in the vase on the little red shelf because they were rather summery. Found a collage of these pretty things at Michael's for less than $4 total.

Pinecones! I love pinecones. This particular medley came with some red accents, which I loved. I also bought some cinnamon-scented pinecones, too. These are great, because they can stay through winter. All I need to do is change out the basket!

Remember our how our fireplace looked a year ago in September? Well, I like to think it's come a long way... maybe not. Still missing that mantle. But, the black mirror, an old chest of Daniel's, and some other thrift items found along the way have helped. We may actually use our fireplace this year - friends in the neighborhood successfully used theirs, so we'll see! That'll be an adventure for my adorable city-slicker husband.

Cheers! How did you decorate for fall? What are some of your favorite fall items?


  1. Your post made me laugh. :D Love them all! Really pretty. :)