Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Newest Dumpster Find

Well my eyes popped this morning when I saw this big, beautiful, black mirror. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go above a vanity, but that did not stop me! I love the clean lines. It is really big --  46''x32'' -- so finding a place for it is going to be a slight challenge, but I'm excited about it. :)

On the humorous side of things: When I walked over to the dumpster to get this, there was an old Korean woman and her teenage grandson there, doing something to one of the mattresses that someone had left (yes, sometimes this particular dump pile can be rather nasty). She immediately started talking to me in Korean, as if I would understand her. After I looked blankly at her, and then shrugged my shoulders and smiled, she started dramatically talking with her hands. I was still not getting it. Then her grandson pipes up in clear, but hesitant English. "This is my grandmother. She wants -- tools. Can she borrow yours?" I asked what he needed, a hammer, a screw driver? He said he didn't know how to say the word, but made a claw with his fist, and pulled at the air... still wasn't sure what he meant, but I figured since we only really have a screw driver, a hammer and some duct tape that I wouldn't be able to help him anyway. I apologized, picked up my mirror, and turned to leave.

Then, one of those blond moments hit me, and with total sincerity I turned around and cheerfully called, "Adios!"

I've been laughing at myself all day, so feel free to laugh away.

So much for being multi-lingual.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I laughed at you ;) You neglected to tell me this on the phone =P