Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Basically, Daniel was right and I was wrong. But, to the Steelers' credit they made a pretty darn good pull through after being down by 11 points twice in the game!

We had fun watching a whole football game together. I discovered if I can actually focus on the game, I enjoy it a lot more. If ever I get distracted I have to spend the next five minutes in game time figuring out what I missed. I liked actually watching today!

Daniel and I tried to come up with some sort of bet-- if the Packers won I would buy him five books, if the Steelers won he would do the dishes for the week... something of that sort. But we could never agree on anything (and I actually think deep down Daniel thought the Steelers would make a full come-back and he didn't want to commit to washing any dishes.) So, I really have nothing exciting to post about.

We watched the game with our seminary buddies, Evan and Leslie, and Will and Caitlyn, and Evan and Leslie's affectionate dachshund, Roxie. But I don't even have any pictures of that.
I figured I needed to post about Super Bowl Sunday since it seems like it's such an important day for such a football fanatic like my husband. The commercial with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader trying to learn to use the force was pretty cute. And the very first Doritos commercial. "You missed the best part *grabs hand and licks finger vigoriously*" LOL! :)

Basically, good day. Now I get to look forward to empty Saturday and Sunday afternoons for about six months!... but March Madness is coming next. O, bother.

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