Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I've been watching eagerly the last week or so, as the dull winterization of plants and trees has slowly started to transform into specs of spring. The first were soft violets in the grass, one day at the park. Then the green stumps of tulips and daffodils pushing upwards.

I love spring! We had wonderfully warm weather all of last week - in the high 60s and low 70s, one day it actually hit 77! - though this week is a little cooler. Still, it smells like spring, and I am loving it!

Here are some little evidences of springtime:

blossoms on the tree just outside our apartment.

happy, happy daffodils!

lonely little crocus

pansies open and fresh again - I was surprised that everyone began planting these in late October. They lasted for several weeks before closing up. But now that spring is coming again, they look as fresh and cheerful as they did three months ago.

And of course :)
 And I realize as I post this most of my hometown friends are snowed in their houses, unable to get to school, still wearing heavy coats, boots and tights to church on Sunday (at least the girls :)). I thought I would miss all that coldness. Well, I decidedly have not.

After a good snow and ice storm for a week in January, and a couple weeks of freezing weather before and after, I got my fill of winter.  I could happily spend the rest of my life in the south, given I can also enjoy the changing seasons.


  1. Wow. That sounds amazing. :)

  2. And now I'll sit here and pout because we'd have to dig through 24 inches of snow to see anything even remotely green. I think I could be a southern girl, too.

  3. Jealousy x 1,000= SO UNFAIR.