Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week of Visitors: Part 1

Last Friday my dear friend, and bridesmaid Chloe, and her husband Jonathan, came to visit. I love having people stay in our home. Even cleaning bathrooms isn't nearly as bad when I know I'm preparing for visitors! They arrived Friday afternoon and sat on the front porch steps - delighted that they could sit on front porch steps after traveling through a Northeast Ohio blizzard early that morning.

We had pizza for dinner, and then rushed to the Dollar Theater to catch a showing of Unstoppable. Excellent movie! We all loved it, and plan on watching it in our separate homes again, when it comes out on DVD.

Saturday we had a relaxing start to the day, then went walking on one of Charlotte's Greenways.

We enjoyed milkshakes at Cookout, and talked the afternoon away. Then, for dinner Chloe and I made some killer Chicken Curry - not even a bite was left.

Cranium has also become a couples favorite in the Wells household. Boys pretty much crushed the girls this time around, but we aren't sharing that too loudly. They got all the easy cards. ;) I love this game because you are sure to laugh, no matter what!

Daniel acting out "Congregation"

more attempts at "congregation"

The winners!

Sunday, Daniel preached for a friend at a local church, and we lowered the average age of the church significantly with the four of us, and another friend, Carolyn, joining the party. Then we had lunch at Chipotle. Always good. And when we got home Jonathan and Daniel crashed on the couches, and Chloe and I talked about good literature and characters, until the clock told us it was much too late, and then we had to say goodbye. :(

And it's a ramble of a blog post, but it was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. looks like you all had a blast!

    and btw, I wanna play cranium now :P