Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Weekends With Ashley!

I have been waiting for these last two weekends to come since before Christmas... and now they've come and gone. While I can hardly believe it, I am also thankful for many great memories with my dear friend, Ashley.

She arrived Friday afternoon, and since Daniel was out of town we got all of Friday evening to catch up and do girly things - like go shopping and watch a cute movie! :)

Saturday our mutual friend, Josh, came to visit and we went to lunch at Chilli's, played Cranium, Scrabble, and Clue (not consecutively, though), hit the dollar (or $2) theater for replays of the latest Narnia movie, and had homemade pizza and beer (well, the guys had beer) for dinner. 

Sunday Daniel pulpit-filled for a congregation in Mount Holly, North Carolina. Ashley and Josh trooped with us, and then we headed to Greenville for the afternoon. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch, though, because we were all ravenous and old fashioned country cookin' sounded real nice. ;)

Once in Greenville, Ashley took some beautiful pictures of Daniel and I. They are not yet in my possession, but Ashley shared several at her blog, and they are fabulous! I am so excited to get them all and hang up some pictures of us where we aren't in wedding garb - though I am still in love with our wedding photos, mind you. 

Taking photos is hard work, whether you're smiling at the camera or holding the bag, but especially if you're the one behind the camera. :) We bought some penny candy and dollar sodas and sat down at a table to relax until we had to say good-bye to Ashley for weekend #1. 

The following Friday I drove down to the Gaffney Premium Outlets in South Carolina, to meet Ashley and her Aunt Kathy and cousin Jessie. Aunt Kathy sweetly treated us to a yummy chinese dinner, and then we found a few bargains in Bath and Body Works and Gap. We found lots to talk about the whole way home, and were still going strong when we did get home, so we put a movie in and watched what we could until our eyelids drooped too far shut to see anything. 

Saturday the rain came down all day long. We had a lazy morning and afternoon, then decided walking around the mall was better than sitting in the house, so we did that. We were greeted by a pair of florescent pink men's shorts by Ralph Lauren. I'm all for Ralph Lauren, but pink shorts are a little too much. Salmon, maybe. Soft pink, perhaps. Hot pink, no. (except, perhaps, on a trendy black man with a clean bald head and definitely a different shirt... I could see that.)

We tried Yoforia, which is now my latest and greatest obsession! Holy smokes is that stuff good! I'm ready to do free advertising. Our favorite flavor was definitely the taro, with peanut butter in second. Pineapple, banana, mango and dark chocolate were also good. 

Frozen yogurt in a dozen different flavors with custom toppings galore!
I may have over-reacted a lee-tle bit. But. It. Was. So. Good.

It was so good that Ashley and I had to go back on Sunday! Carolyn joined us this time, and we talked and laughed away a good portion of the afternoon, even after our bowls were empty.

And then it was time to say good bye. But with good friends, good-bye is never the end! We're already talking about summer vacation. :)


  1. I love this post SO much! The pictures of Josh and Daniel are hilarious...and I like how Josh and I are doing the exact same thing in the last one of he and I, haha =)


  2. Aww. This is so happy. :) I love that pic of you and the cute pink shorts dude Ashley! :D

    <3 <3