Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week of Visitors: Part 2

Not two hours after we said goodbye to Chloe and Jonathan, my mom and five of the kids came rolling into Charlotte, after a looong drive down from Michigan. Hugs abounded! 

We played Clue, and talked and had so much to catch up on. My mom got to see the house, which has improved quite a bit since the last time she saw it as a bachelor's pad. We went shopping, and thrifting, and went to the park one afternoon with Maura and Michael. We went to the puppy store, and out to lunch, and watched some good movies.Daniel took the guys out for a "man's night." They went to a sport's bar, ordered too many hot wings, and had a contest to see who could eat the most. I heard they also had a soda drinking contest... bleh.

I really missed my mom. Honest. It was so great to have her here for three full days and four nights. Someday I'm going to write a post about all the wonderful things she has taught me, and why I am so blessed to be her daughter (Mother's Day maybe?). When we walked into church for spaghetti Wednesday night, everyone was full of compliments, "O, I see where Ashlee gets her good looks." "Well, my goodness, you are just so young and beautiful!" "Like mother like daughter!" and then the sarcastic comment, followed by a wink "O, I would never have guessed who you are." I love that I look like my mother.

The Gang

Aliza came to work with me on Monday - and helped me grocery shop
Nevin skateboarding

Noah and "Fudge" at the Puppy Store

Mom told the kids if they could write her an essay on how to care for a dog, she would consider it. :)

Maybe a puppy will be next on our wish list??
<3  Pretty Mommy <3

Nolan :)
We found a lake I never knew about behind one of our shopping centers, and after a little exploring found over a dozen turtles sitting on logs, or swimming in the water. It was really neat!

Noah took this picture of a goose from the pier. I thought it was neat the way the sunlight hit the bird.

Noah and Anna

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