Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Snappy Day - Fave Foto

Got this new Fave Foto idea from Kelli, and thought I'd share. There are several pictures that come to mind when I think of a favorite photo, but I am going to limit to just two this time, from the same "shoot" (if that's what you can call turning on your point-and-shoot camera in the back yard one summer evening).

For me, these pictures are a memory, which is what makes them so special. After all, isn't that why we're all so obsessed with good photographs? Photography used to capture only special moments - a wedding, perhaps a new baby, a senior portrait. Now, it captures the best memories of living. The day to day moments.

What Makes This Picture Special:

1. When it was taken: This photo is in my album "My Last Summer at Home." I was engaged, excited for a new life, but very mindful of all I would be leaving. This particular evening the entire family was outside. Mom and Angela were in the garden, the older boys were mowing the grass, and Dad was teaching the little guys how to drive a tractor. It was one of the last days of summer, still warm, yet with a chill, crisp breeze sneaking up your arms or down your neck at times. The girls and I were romping around by the swing set, tickling and chasing and falling down into the grass, exhausted. 

2. Who it was taken of: My Little Sunshine, Anna Sophia. There is a special bond between sisters. My sister, Angela and I are best friends. Being only 18 months apart helps that. My littlest sisters are my best friends, too, but each in their different ways. Aliza and I are pals. We just get each other, because we are so very alike. Anna, like Angela, is very different from me, though. And like Angela, I've found Anna brings out the better part of me - in a way only a sister can do. Age has nothing to do with it, and somehow, I want to be the best I can be when that little girl is by my side. 

3. The Picture Itself: As far as the actual picture goes, I think it's dead obvious this was taken by an inexperienced photographer on a lil point and shoot (yours truly). However, there are aspects of the picture that I do like. Her face is glowing. The setting sun cast a little ray over her face, giving it just a hint more warmth than the rest of the picture. Her orange shirt also sets off the deep green on the grass, and the blue in her jeans and the swing's ropes. I also love the big, silly grin in the first, and the half smirk in the second. (And the always-present baby doll head :)).

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