Thursday, February 3, 2011

Books in a Year

My original list for 2011 was 103. I had little faith that I would be able to finish that list in a year, but still did try my best to read quickly. I got stuck on Vanity Fair, beginning it just before the wedding and not finishing it until nearly November. But I am a slow reader, no matter what I read. I read in chunks. I may get through chapters one day, and only a paragraph the next, and so my progression through books is rather slow. However, I love to read, and in reading, hopefully gain more understanding about this world I live in, and the people that inhabit it. 

I tried to draw titles from a variety of genres, as well, to become more well-read. As I'm sure you'll notice, though, I have a personal bias.

The following are my finished titles from 2010, and some brief thoughts about each.

I decided it was high time I finish off all of Austen's novels, so picked up the least popular of her works, Lady Susan. I'm sure I laughed, but it left me no good impression

Keller's a speaker not a writer -  though I'm glad I read this book, and highlighted quite a bit, I wasn't overly impressed.
I love Shakespeare
I read this book before the wedding. Even if it's not Ravi's forte he does a fine job!
Another pre-wedding read. Excellent. This stays out on an open bookshelf for easy reference. Our Pastor took us through this in pre-marital counseling, and we still are learning from the truths found within it's pages.

Another excellent read. One to take in slowly.

Began this as a Bible study, and especially liked the first half of the book.
After the wedding we began reading through The Chronicles of Narnia together
While we read through The Magicians Nephew in less than two weeks, we found our eagerness to read lessened with such a familiar story in this particular book. Nevertheless, it's a classic.
I could not put this book down! I took it with me where ever I went, including to and from church on Sunday. I remember being enraptured with the obvious love for the Lord within the pages and the lives of the characters. The mountains where this all took place are only hours from Charlotte, too. :)

This was an easy, enjoyable read. I laughed a lot, and even cried. I grew very attached to Birdie.

Vanitus Vanitum!

Another easy, enjoyable read - I had to rest my literary criticism  and take the modern novel for what it was worth. As much as one may try, she simply cannot recreate Jane Austen. Still, the story was almost believable.

Wuthering Heights was in the same breath engrossing and depressing. I loved none of the characters, pitied all of them, and hoped for a beautiful ending that never came. Yet it was a good  book.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! I'm a slow reader too. . . I've been trying to finish Anna Karenina since Thanksgiving but I'm only on chapter 20! Ha.

    We were going to read Reforming Marriage when we were engaged but Pastor Will said not to. "It's great, but it's a book on marriage. You're not married yet, so you can wait to read it." I wish we had.

    Love you.

  2. Chapter 20! That must be a long one.

    Something that helped me get through books was to have several all on different topics going at once. That way it didn't matter what mood I was in, I could just read. :) I have to make is easy for myself! :-P

    Reforming Marriage is great! Definitely recommend it now. We found it really helpful going into marriage, too-- even during our engagement many of the principles could be applied.