Friday, February 4, 2011

Un Bombanados

I wish I had a memory that never forgot anything, because I'm sure I could make posts and posts and posts about the hilarious things that Michael says and does.

Recently we were outside rollerblading and Maura took a spill, scratching both her elbows. I went and got the band-aids. As I was opening them up I asked Michael, "Hey, what's the Spanish word for band-aid?"
Without flinching he replied, "Un Bombanado," with a perfect accent. (bomb-bah-NAH-doe)
I went on and on then about how much fun that was to say, and yelled to Maura, "Bombanado, bombanado, tengo un bombanado!"
She looked at me like I was crazy. That's when I started to get this funny feeling about what I was saying.
Maura asked, "What in the world is a bombanado?" as I looked over at Michael, who was red-faced and ready to bust with laughter. Raising my eyebrows and looking at him with a little smirk I said, "Bombanado isn't even a word, is it??"

Of course he lost it, and laughed so hard tears were running down his cheeks. Maura and I got a good laugh too, and now I have an instant solution to when they get hurt: Just ask if they need un bombanado, and frowns turn to smiles.