Friday, April 27, 2012

Savannah Jane | Cedar Crest Park, Rock Hill, SC

It's been a busy month for the Wells family. Time is just flying by! This weekend Daniel's sister, Rebecca, and her little girl are here for a visit. We had a fun time this afternoon at the playground... mostly, we were just played on the swings. :)

Savannah LOVED the swing.

Isn't she so pretty? 


And where was Ralphie all this time, you may wonder?

Sleeping in his stroller!

Stay tuned for more from this weekend, and updates on what we've been up to the last three weeks!



  1. Yes, she is beautiful!!! You did a great job with this set. :) Swinging kids are SO HARD to get good, clear shots of.

  2. I love the swinging pictures! Those are so tricky but you captured them perfectly!